November 1, 2015 - Rest Day

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Gokyo Lake
Gokyo Lake 
November, 1 - Rest Day

We woke up to a cold but brilliant  and crisp morning with the early morning sun casting its first golden rays on Cho Oyu. We had breakfast and then set off towards lakes 4 and 5. Cho Oyu appears so close to our hotel but we realized as we started walking that it's base camp itself is about 2 days walk away. Although the gradient was not too steep, a lot of effort was still required to trudge each step. 

Lake 4 (Thonak Tso) is bigger than lake 3 and from here we had great views of Cho Oyu, Gyachun Kang, Ngozumba, Chakhung. We had initially planned to go up to lake 5 and a spot called Scoundrel's point but dropped the idea to conserve our energy for the big day of pass crossing tomorrow.