October 31, 2015 - Trek to Gokyo

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October 31, 2015 - Trek to Gokyo

Today, we progressed from Machermo to Gokyo, a four hour walk that took us from 14,500 ft to 15,500 ft. There had been snowfall overnight and the entire courtyard of the lodge was carpeted with thick snow. however, the morning was bright and sunny so we were able to make our scheduled departure at 8:30 am. The snowfall also gave us an opportunity to try our new crampons.

After a steep initial climb, the route flattened out to a steady climb with some down slopes, the crampons gave us tremendous confidence and we covered good ground. Luck was with us. The snow had turned a landscape that would have otherwise been grey, black and dark green into a scene of beauty.

A couple of hours of steady walking brought us to the source of the Dudh kosi river, where the glacier begins its melt and then on to Gokyo Lake 1, a pond really. Lake 2 was something else, it took our breath away. It was mainly a beautiful turquoise interspersed with deep blues and greens. After drinking in the beauty to our heart's content we moved on and a small climb later came to the stunningly beautiful Lake 3. On one side is the town of Gokyo and the other three are towering mountains.

After a lunch and snooze, we walked up the lateral moraine of the Ngozumba glacier behind Gokyo. This is the biggest glacier in Asia and truly impressive and slightly intimidating. From the top one can see the mighty Cho Oyu.

We are now looking forward to tomorrow's trek to lake 4 and 5.

Heading to Machermo
Heading to Gokyo
Hiking up to Machermo