06 November; in Kathmandu

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Its 6.00 am, Guide, Anna and Niklas already prepared for the departure from Kathmandu to jiri. They are excited for the trip. They left to Jiri on jeep at 6.30 a.m. after having their breakfast early in the morning

They are now at Jiri, we got call this evening by the driver. They are going to stay overnight in Shivalaya. They will continue their trek for next 3 and half weeks. The driver will head back to Kathmandu tomorrow.

Once they are on trek, they will call us from wherever it is possible. It is not possible to call from everywhere in Khumbu. We will update as soon as we hear from them.

It is 15 December. Anna and Niklas left Kathmandu in the evening for Sweden. They enjoyed nicely while they are in Nepal. Ram Krishna at Tibet Guest House to say good bye to them