5-7 December, Pokhara Tour...

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Early in the morning of December 6 we took a taxi to Sarangkot. We walked the last bit up to the view point in the dark. It took about 20 minutes. When the sun came up we had no regrets getting up so early in the morning. It was a beautiful sunrise over the Annapurna massif. The sun looked like a red fireball as it made its way up in the morning fog.

After a much needed and appreciated breakfast we rented a boat for half a day for a relaxing time on the lake. We paddled around gazing at the stunning views and enjoying the sunny weather. For lunch we paddled to the luxurious Fish Tail Lodge. We ate our food in the nice garden facing the lake and the mountains. Afterwards we walked around the area and relaxed in a hammock.

We liked the Fish Tail Lodge so much that we returned later that afternoon for a drink in the nice garden. This time we got there by raft (the hotel is situated on a peninsula) pulled by man power.

Next morning we caught the Greenline bus back to KTM. And here we are!