29 November; Kathmandu End of the Trekking.........

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We, Anna and Niklas, are back in Kathmandu and have just had a very nice shower and Niklas has shaved... We would like to give you some more comments on our trekking with Peak Promotion.

Ngima has been the best guide one can wish for during this trek!!! He has helped us so much and answered so many questions. Whenever we wanted to change the itinerary, like when we wanted to make a daytrip to Thame, there were never any problems. He is very service minded and very caring. For instance when Niklas was sick (upset Swedish stomach) the first days of trekking, Ngima carried both his own AND Niklas's backpack...

We are very happy that we got to go off the beaten track and got to see the village where Ngima was born and where his mother lives. We stayed one night at Ngima's mother's house and one night at his sister's house. His sister lives just a few houses down the valley.

It was very interesting to see how the Sherpa people live. The most of them are farmers and they grow a lot of potatoes and corn in this area.

During this time off the track Ngima cooked us all the food. This was the best food during the trek! One night we got delicious chicken soup and another night we got fried chicken with potato chips, soooo good!!!