May 17 , 2007 - Island Peak Summit

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Summit day of Island Peak.

We woke up 02:00am our tents in Island Peak Bases Camp. Time for a quick breakfast in the kitchen tent.

We started our climb at 02:30am and both me and Pelle could feel that we had too heavy backpacks. After 3 hours of climbing the sun rose as we moved slowly towards the snow covered part of the summit.


Around 6am we reached a vertical ascend where we had to use fixed ropes and jummers to get up. After two more hours of hard work we reached the summit at 8: 15 Am.

When it was time to leave the summit, the ridge that lead the way down got crowded by koreans. This made the descent very slow and exhausting. At 01:00pm bit of a rest and then descended to chukung.

Pelle and I feel a sleep happy that we managed to get to the summit of Island peak without any accidents.