1 November, 2013- Kathmandu

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at Annapurna Base Camp

1 November, 2013 - Back to Kathmandu

Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that we missed a day of the blog. Boy did we have an interesting day/night last night – and we all agree that we’re lucky to be alive. Yesterday morning in Pokhara we had a nice walk through town and through a rice field and walked over to Devi’s Falls – a gigantic waterfall in town. So much water moving so quickly!! From there we went over to the big lake in town – Fewa Lake. There were many colorful boats on the lake and people renting boats and floating to the island in the center of the lake to visit the temple that’s on it. Lovely morning! Very humid still, and unfortunately the humidity in the air was visible almost like smog. We arrived at the Pokhara airport around 1pm for our 2:15pm flight and found out it was delayed due to the weather – the flights from the morning had not been able to leave due to visibility of the heavy humidity. We were initially told that it would be about an hour delay, so we waited, some flights started leaving but due to the delays and weather the turnaround time was long – had to wait for flights to get to Kathmandu and then return so we could get a plane for our flight. Due to our flight time we were about 6th in line for boarding on Yeti Air and flying back to Kathmandu, we were getting a little anxious at 4pm because we knew that if we didn’t get a flight before 5pm the airport would close because the sun would soon go down and we would have to go to Plan B. Luckily, we got called for boarding around 4:30, we all went through security and were waiting to board the plane and at 4:45pm there was an overhead announcement that our flight was cancelled and airport is closed – it had started raining and the thickness of the humidity moved into the valley, poor visibility = no flight. So close! Our flight was 15 minutes from landing in Pokhara and got turned around and sent back to Kathmandu. SO, Plan B it was. Pemba worked very hard to get us on a “Tourist Bus” to Kathmandu (since the public buses are not currently allowed to travel) – we joined up with a few other tourists and we were on the road to Kathmandu.

Wow, what a night! Imagine the scariest drive you’ve ever taken, then put that on a narrow pot-holed highway in Nepal, with windy roads, hills, the dark of the night, rain, no guide-strips painted on the road, people and animals walking on the road, big trucks/buses broken down in the middle of the road, tractors driving down the road, big trucks with only one headlight, passing slower cars while turning corners and using only headlights flashing as a warning to oncoming traffic. It was a toss-up whether or not to close our eyes and try not to see what madness we were avoiding, or not be able to peel our eyes off of the highway. What a wild ride. It is shocking that we didn’t run anyone over, rear-end anyone, be rear-ended by anyone, or drive off the side of a cliff. We were grateful and relieved when we arrived back in Kathmandu alive and unscathed. Finally dropped off at our hotel at 1am, it was a loooooong day and night. Now today, Mike and Melinda will depart this afternoon to head back home and say goodbye to Nepal one more time and Eric will be here a couple more days. 

We have had an amazing journey and trek over here and it is always difficult to leave. The people of Nepal, and particularly our good friends at Peak Promotion that have helped us so much over the past couple of weeks, and such truly kind-hearted and good people. We always hate to leave and will look forward to returning again in the future.

Mike and Melinda

trekking in nepal

Colourful boats at Lakeside Pokhara

 Colourful boats at Lakeside Pokhara


bridge runner :)

David Falls


at International Mountain Museum 

Pokhara Airport


Waiting at Pokhara Airport

Waiting at Pokhara Airport