May 03 , 2007 - Namche

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We started the day with a big steady breakfast consisting of eggs, porridge, toast and tea coffee. We knew it would be a long trek and a big elevation, about 1000m. So it was important to bulk up. The weather was hot the sun shining but once in a while the cool breeze cooled us of.

Lunch at Jorsalle which was good the river which we trekked beside for a long time had a very calming effect and the scenery was so beautiful with the snow coated mountains. It couldn’t be better


Along the way there were a couple of hang bridges which actually got your stomach to know your alike towards the end to really started to got steep. About 500m.altitude an 1\2hour which made you lose your breath at times.

Now in Namche bazaar it's time for rest and dinner.