May 02 , 2007 - Phakding

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We woke up 5am this morning. All of our gear was packed the evening before, so we could just leave we had a nice breakfast and then we met our friends from Peak Promotion. They took us to the Airport and then we flew off into the mountains.

We had a very nice flight to Lukla and the view was like taken out of lord the rings. The Airport itself is worth a visit. Just before landing the pilot had to dive to get into the right landing position and the runway is very short but steep. A true exiting moment!!

Our Guide Ang Dawa Sherpa and our porter were waiting for us. Outside the baggage claim, then it was time for tea before we head down to Phakding.

As we passed bridges and rivers several Yaks and porter passed us on their way down from different base camp.

After a while we got to Phakding situated just beside the Dhudh Koshi River. Our dinner was made mostly from the kitchen garden and the taste of fresh vegetables was a welcome one after one day of trekking.