October 24, 2016-Trek To Tsergo Ri

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We began our summit day with a 6:30am black tea, with breakfast at 7am. An omelet with Fried Tibetan bread seems to be the favorite meal of most of us. Mark woke up especially early to get chocolate and apple cake.  

We began our trek starting at the lodge 12,500ft heading toward Kyanjin Ri 16000ft. It was a trekking summit walking the entire time. The view was amazing looking toward Lang Tang Larung and into Tibet. Dave suggested we walked another 5 miles to the Tibetan border. The total mileage was around 7.5miler with a 3,500ft vertical gain. It took 2:15 hours to climb up to the peak and 45 minutes to get down.

After the trek Carter and Mark went to a local bakery named Dorjee  Bakery for apple pie. We waited for 1 hour for the freshly baked pie. At the end all of the guys showed up for their pies and cake. Dave and John had carrot cake, Mark and Jay had the apple pie, and Marshal and Carter had the chocolate cake.  We had an interesting conversation with the shop owner named  Lhakpa. The hospitality at the bakery was phenomenal.  Lhakpa's stories were very interesting.

We ended the day with a nice dinner and a poem shared by dave:

"Tita tata, Tita tata, Tita tata, It just don't matta, tita tata"

-Mr. Jeff Lundi

AKA Lundo