October 21th, 2016 Trek To lama Hotel

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        We had a 6:30 wake up with hot tea brought to our rooms followed by breakfast in the tea house…well, this was more of a hotel than a tea house.  Following breakfast we hit the trail for the start of our trek. 

The trail led us out of town along a fast flowing boulder filled river.  Walking for the first few hours we were greeted by a troop of monkeys crossing the trail and in the trees around us.  Our first suspension bridge came and went followed by a few more.  We gained altitude and stopped at Domen for a tea.  After our break, the trail went past huge bee hives across the river.  We walked past several waterfalls before arriving at the village of Bamboo for lunch.  The tea house had been destroyed and temporarily rebuilt by a rock slide following the monsoons after the earthquake. 


After lunch the trail wound its way through bamboo forests and rock slide areas.  As we walked, the noise from the forest sounded like a rain forest sound machine.  The trail became steeper as we gained altitude to our final destination of Lama Hotel at 8261 feet.  Everyone is doing well and having a good time.  We are just finishing dinner in the tea house next to the river.  A great first day on the trail.