October 20th 2016-Drive To Syabru Bensi

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On the day of October 20th 2016
The road to Syabru Bensi  is not for the faint hearted. Over the past four days, we have spent three of them in jeeps on roads with views both beautiful and precipitous. The ceremony at Chyangba for the rebuilt elementary school was truly inspiring, seeing the children excited to receive their new uniforms and ready to start the school year. Congratulations to Ang Phula and Pem Dorjee for their hard work in making this project a great success.
We start the trek in earnest in the morning, heading off to Lama Hotel, elevation 2,470 meters (do the math yourself; it's higher than Indiana). Syabru Bensi is beautiful, located in bottom of a deep valley. We can't escape the feeling of awe at the scale of the landscape, even without the big mountains in site. Evidence of landslides, whether from the earthquake or this season's monsoon, is evident everywhere – particularly in the condition of the roads.
We are all in good health and great spirits and ready to get hiking. Our Sherpa guides are friends new and old. This promises to be a great week .  Namaste!