October 14, 2014 - Island Jungle Resort

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October 14- Island Jungle Resort

It started about 3:00 am.  Brilliant flashes followed by the longest, deepest booms of thunder I'd ever heard.  Then the sound of applause rising to a standing ovation as the torrential rains approached.  This is likely the tail end of the cyclone that made landfall in India yesterday, spelling the end of our hiking, boating and elephant bathing.  So it's eat, read, snooze; eat, read, snooze; beer, eat, bed.  To make matters worse, the only book I could find was by Bertrand Russell on the Theory of Relativity; it's been helping with the naps.  My elephant stands chained to a tree behind my room in the pouring rain.  I chat with him but don't dare venture closer into the terrain of the enormous Indian Rock python.




Phewa lake