October 12, 2014 - Pokhara City Tour

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October 12 - Pokhara  City Tour

Great dinner last night.  I ate a fish out of the lake that I paddleboarded on!  Today is the official city tour so we have a driver.  First off is a long haul up Sarangkot Hill for a cloudless morning view of the Annapurnas. Our driver decides either that we're fit or need some exercise and drops us at the 30 minute long final staircase to the top.  Already it's 30+ degrees and humid.  I congratulate myself on the early morning exercise until I run into a raucous group of Ukranian women who hiked for two hours all the way up from the lake.  They're on a yoga retreat.  I mention the large Ukranian population back in Canada and our support for their struggle.  Ten minutes down the trail I pass a large group of dour Russians.  Next we're off to the International Mountain Museum.  Its objective is to maintain records of successful climbs of the fourteen 8000 meter peaks as well as the geographic flora and fauna and human activities in the range.  The takeaway of human occupation is not a pretty sight but it's a fascinating depiction of the locals peoples and the foreigners who climbed their mountains.  Food choices are wider here in Pokhara and I had some delicious butter chicken masala and garlic naan bread for lunch.  Finally it was time for a massage at Seeing Hands, a non-profit enterprise providing training and jobs for blind people in Nepal as professional massage therapists.  A disordinate amount of people here are blind and partially blind with bleak prospects.  Govinda was a chatty, solicitous sort, who continually asked after my comfort while he beat the crap out of me for an hour.  I'm recovering now in a bar overlooking placid Lake Phewa with a nice, cold Ghorka beer in hand (my new fave).



Phewa lake