October 11, 2014 - Fly to Pokhara

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October 11 - Fly to Pokhara

Got up early to catch the first flight to Pokhara.  Disappointingly little to see from the small Twin Otter airplane.  Fortunately the same cannot be said about Pokhara; what a picturesque city.  It sits on Lake Phewa at the foot of the south side of the mountains that I trekked around last week.  As well, the distinct pyramid of Machhapuchhre dominates the skyline.  My cold is now full blown, which is a little strange in the 30-degree temperature and humidity.  I tracked down what could pass as a standup paddleboard and set off on the lake.  It was like stepping into a world of bliss leaving behind the sweltering heat and urban clamour. I headed for the Tal Barahi Temple, which sits on a tiny island in the middle, garnering many strange looks from the throngs who were being ferried there by boat.  The Temple music and crowds made for a carnival like atmosphere, accentuated by the dozens of parasails and microlights circling overhead.  The town is abuzz with trekkers as it is the hub for many circuits and high season has just started.  I am happy to be finished, as I cannot imagine two or three times the number of people on the trail.  I had a great lunch at an Arabic restaurant which I stumbled upon without even using Trip advisor (though I did determine it was rated #2; god bless TA).  Tonight will be dinner at #16!



Phewa lake