October 3, 2014 - Trek to Lower Pisang

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Lower Pisang
3 - October, 2014 - Trek to Lower Pisang (3250 m)

Sammy's birthday today!  I felt very lucky to actually have a connection so that I could text him and I got a text back right away!  More hiking on the road today.  If I ever do this trek again and had the time, I'd explore as much of the old trail as possible.  Parts of it are wonderful with old rockworks and ancient, crumbling Buddhist chortens, maniwalls and stupas.  But other parts are now impassable with decrepit bridges and water running down the track.  Feeling very much like home now with the temperature, vegetation and surrounding cliffs.  One even looks like Burstall Slabs, and is apparently considered sacred as a sort of launching pad for spirits into the heavens!  Had lunch with part of the herd and I'm staying at the same hotel as Sofie and Alex in Pisang.  I hiked up the hill to Upper Pisang and there it was, the massive peak of Annapurna 2.   I laughed at all the early pictures I'd taken lower down of these tiny glimpses of the peaks above the forest.  Here was almost 5000 meters of north face completely unobstructed.  I climbed to the monastery where the monks were chanting and sounding their huge horns and listened for a while.  Then I hiked further up to the top of the hill alone where a shrine sat far above the valley.  And as I looked out I could similar shrines all over the valley sides. It was an incredible site with the horns sounding from below. Then it was back down to the valley to witness some crazy betting game the locals play call langur burja.  Apparently they're allowed to play it in public spots during the Dashain festival which is now on. 

Lamjung Village