12 November; From Phaplu

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It is 12 November, Saturday evening; we recently got call from Phaplu by Nima Sherpa, the guide. On the way from Jiri to Phaplu, he did not get the access of communication. So we have a short discription of their activities of the trail, Jiri to Phaplu in his own word.

"On same day 7 Nov, Anna, Niklas and me started trek from Jiri to Shivalaya and stayed there. We spent a night here in Shivalaya enjoying with local people. Again 8 November, In the morning the journey begun towards Roji with well preparation. Here the route of trekking is quite different than the common where the trail is practically giving us different observation. We reached Roji at the evening and past a night there. After then on 9 November, Turture is our destination from Roji.

In 10 November, we three fellows left to the Chyangba. We reached Chyangba and Spent two nights. Chyangba is our familliar place. Most of the staffs are from this place and me too. It is a nice place and not lay in common trekking route. It is taken as a nice cultural village of Khumbu Region. Anna & Niklas visited to my house and stayed here for two nights, enjoying with Sherpa family. I showed them the School of our village. After collecting experience of Chyangba we leaved to the Phaplu on 12 November, Saturday. And reached in Phaplu at the evening".