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   Most visitors know that Nepal is only a trekking and mountaineering destination; however, over the past few years there have been an emerging people who founded Nepal as a multi adventurous place. Besides Trekking and Mountaineering; Mountain Biking, Rafting, Wild Rock climbing, Bungee jumping, paragliding, jungle activities etc are the adventure activities are obtainable in Nepal.

Having made your way to biking in the Himalaya of Nepal, there are huge chances for you to explore. Whether it’s in the cities, rural valley areas or the Himalaya, mountain biking is almost the perfect means of transport because of the pot-holed roads of Thamel, with

its traffic congestion or the craggy rutted trails of the foothills. But that’s the reverse of traveling to a place like Nepal, and why mountain bikes are so useful? Once, it was only the trekker who thought a day or two on a bike would be cool (after the trek) to explore Kathmandu Valley.

Now Nepal is being recognized as a world class Mountain Biking destination were groups plan dedicated biking holidays from 1 to 4 weeks, taking in everything from wildlife parks, 5200m passes, mountain flight drops, roped suspension bridges or cable river crossings, deep canyons & gorges, and endless single trails with 7,000meter plus snowcapped Himalayan peaks as their backdrop.

There are risks related with do-it-alone styled trips plus the time lost in finding trails, sharing your time with us on trafficked roads or undertaking weary carries that could have been avoided.

The Best Biking Seasons:

Unlike the trekking seasons for which there are two main periods, mountain biking offers a huge span of time to over the year, most of which offers perfect to near perfect riding conditions.

Prime time:

If you’ve got the choice then go for October through December, whilst October gets a 5star & November a 4star cycle rating. The main difference is that from Mid-Nov. into Dec. it’s getting a lot cooler in the late afternoons & nights. The days are sunny & fine with little chance of rain. You need to be off the trails by approx.

4:00 to 4:30pm in the latter months, due to light. Visibility is as good as it gets. The first months are the busiest on the trails as its no surprise that this is also prime trekking time.

Close behind:

From January to March you are experiencing the same conditions as above but in reverse, as winter meets fall/autumn. It’s a great time to bike as few people are around, trails are empty, hotels mostly quiet and the views so good they’ll stop chattering downhill teeth as your mouth assumes the position of WOW!

Make a detour to Pokhara as on average it’s about 5 degrees (Celsius) warmer and offers stunning mountain trails & vistas.


April to June sees the warm weather emerge and increase in intensity in the latter weeks before the summer rains are welcomed in. Still good ridding time making for T-shirt only conditions and suntans plus an extra water bottle. It’s dustier, the air & views more hazy and the city a lot less tolerable in the heat & pollution. Long day light hours.


July to September is generally not the best season for cycling however it can still offer superb riding time as the rains are limited to an hour or two in a day and mud trails dry fast. The land is lush and green and offers sights to behold & unavailable in any other season. The mountains are generally covered in fluffy clouds as the Himalayas go on holidays along with many locals.