Island Peak Climbing 2010

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Marcie Renee Lovgren Nepali team
Stacee Renee Rich Ang Dawa Sherpa(Guide)
Lexi Steinberg Karma Sherpa( Asst. Guide)
Jasmina Tekik  
Vickey Cheng  

Marcie- I really can’t believe our Island Peak adventure has begun! I am a native of Bozeman, Montana where I now work as a Physician Assistant in orthopedic surgery. I love being outside and have a passion for adventure travel. I am excited to spend the next 3 weeks in the Himalayas enjoying the mountains and spending time with people.

Lexi- My first time in Nepal! I am from the Sierra Nevadas, Oregon, and Montana and am excited to see the Himalayan Mountains.  I enjoy climbing and skiing.  At home, I am a physical therapy aide and student.  I hope to learn some Nepalese and meet some of the wonderful people here.

Stacee- Anxious to begin our adventure to Island Peak.  I am an RN for Bridger Orthopedics in Bozeman, Montana.  I enjoy outdoor activities, especially hiking with my dad and black lab puppy.  Cant’ wait to be on the trail to big mountains, interesting people and new sights.