11 April 2006, Down Namche...

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Return to Namche



Reported by Miles.

We woke up to a snow-covered ground in Tengboche (13,000). You could see the Everest range out the back windows of our cramped rooms. The monks at the near monastery were striking gongs and blowing conch shells that could be heard miles away. We had a decent breakfast and then we headed down off the ridge, passing yak trains and porters along the way. We had a break at the bottom where there were prayer wheels that were spinning by water. We crossed over a high suspension bridge with prayer flags waving from the sides. The trail began upward again even though we were heading down the valley. The villages we passed by had little kids that would run out of their houses and say “Namaste” to us as we passed by. The trail came out of the dry pine forest and opened up above the tree line. We hugged a mountain on one side and looked over the 2,000-foot drop on the other side. Everest was no longer visible behind Lhotse and Nuptse. We rolled into Namche Bazaar slowly but surely. Once in the “luxury” Khumbu lodge, we took turns taking showers in the shower in the building. We cleaned off six days of dust and grime. We are all slowly recovering from our sicknesses, and everyone is taking antibiotics. We have had a great time, and wonderful views, but we are all anxious to get home.