9th April, 2014 - Trek to Tengboche

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9th April, 2014 - Trek to Tengboche

We climbed the steps out of Namche and followed a beautiful winding trail past stupas climbing gently towards a high point after a few miles then descending all the way down to a tumbling glacial river.  Forced to step aside to allow passage of an elaborately decorated yak train.  Yummy lunch on a sun drenched terrace before crossing a suspension bridge and beginning the long dusty climb past several water driven prayer wheels and wondering how the locals string hundred foot lengths of prayer flags across chasms 50 feet up in pine trees.  Tonight we stay at the Hotel Himalayan on the 3rd floor with views of Everest peaking behind the shoulder of Nuptse.  We visited the Tyangboche monastery sitting on the carpeted floor listening to several monks chanting a lovely haunting series of rapid songs in a room filled with elaborate decorations and paintings of Bhuddas and deities and a huge golden statue of the Bhudda.  The clouds came roiling in the afternoon and concealed all the surrounding peaks and the air took on a true mountain chill, and Everest and Nuptse played hide and seek in the setting sun.



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