8th April, 2014 - Rest Day

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Namche Bazaar
8th April, 2014 - Rest day

Today was a ‘rest day’. The day a started clear giving us our first real opportunity to get a sense of the scale of the Himalayan topography… f’ing huge!  The’ rest’ part of the day was a 380m vertical climb from Nameche to the Everest View Hotel at 3880m. On the way we got our first view of Everest. I was quite a moment seeing the plume flowing off the highest point on the planet.  After tea at Everest view we hiked down into Khumjung for lunch and then visited the home of a local artist, Temba Sherpa, who is one of the last artists to do the traditional Sherpa style of painting.   After some intensel haggling in three languages Mark and Ed agreed to each buy a painting at the original stated price. Temba gestured ha he was going to use the money for lower dentures.  After a happy farewell to Temba and his wife we made the steep descent back to Nameche.

Lukla Airport


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