Mt. Everest Climb Officially Closed for 2014

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base camp

We are in base camp very nice weather, and very enjoyable day, First before we go Ice and climb we need to do Puja from Buddhist lama, we all ready invite lama for puja 18 April in the Morning  time, we want start from 9 AM, But Suddenly this morning other groups Sherpa are accident by Avalanche,

We are so sad we cancel our Puja this day, there are many Sherpa are death and Injury, about 3 /4 day we wait but  there is very difficult to go Ice fall and Ice climbing, there is meeting and meeting day by day,

There is no any decision allowed to go up Ice fall as well as camp 1 / 2 after accident, any way we did Ice climbing training, walk on the Ice practice, and Hiking Pumori- High camp, it is very nice, like this we spend 7 days 8 night in base camp, There is many climbing Everest Summit groups but after accident Sherpa's on the Ice fall Avalanche no body gone there, About all groups give up this year Everest,

Then we also give up,we are happy to come back, today we are in Pheroche, now we are going back continue