17th April, 2014- Updates from Everest Base Camp

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base camp
Updates from base camp

Blogs have been scarce since the lack of internet facilities. At EBC there I just about everything you need but nothing of what you want. It could be worse but everyone tries to make you s comfortable as possible with dining tents and a few heaters in common tents. Outside at 17,500ft it is in the 30's during the day with the occasional snow then down in the teens at night. I am sure everyone has heard by now the horrific tragedy that has happened to the brave Sherpas. I deep felt sorrow is all over the camp and our thoughts are with the families. What is happening now is a lot of uncertainty. There is a meeting scheduled today with all the major companies that have invested thousands this season about how to proceed. Many Sherpas have already conceded and turned back to Lukla. Perhaps this year just wasn't meant to be?