15th April, 2014- Lobuche

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Khumbu Glacier
15th April, 2014- Lobuche

Woke up this morning to a balmy 22 degrees in the room.  Both my water bottle and water pack were frozen.  We started our hike up the Lobeche valley to a beautiful sunny day.  The views around us were absolutely stunning!  We stopped for a quick hot orange in Thukla then visited the climber's we memorial.  We looked for both George Mallory's and Rob Hall's memorial but failed to locate them.  We were able to see climbers climbing nearby Lobeche peak.

After passing the memorial, we crossed into the Kumbu valley on our approach to Lobeche.  In Lobeche, we stayed at the mother earth hotel which is at 5000 meters or approx 16000 feet.  We did a quick hike up the moraine to see the Kumbu glacier off in the distance.  

We have met some great people on our trip, at dinner we hung out with Fiorella and Marcela from El Salvador and Carl and Sara from Kansas. 

Tomorrow starts our final approach to Base Camp.  I will head back to Gorak Shep while Bob will settle in to begin his preparations for his trip to South Col.  
Tony and Bob