13th April, 2014- Pheriche

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13th April, 2014- Trek to Pheriche

We left Tengbuche first thing in the morning and hiked along the Imja River.  The scenery was stunning!  Beautiful moss covered pines and snow along the trail from the previous night.  The hike was a slow, steady climb up into the valley. After crossing the Imja river on the new bridge (the old one was broken/collapsed in 2013) we stopped to eat at Somre.  It was pretty cold in the restaurant, with the temperature in the 40s.   

Funny thing happened at lunch, as I we were eating I see a couple of horses stop outside the restaurant.  A villager had left his pack sitting against a wall which was full of hay.  The two horses proceeded to tear into the pack, trying to rip out the hay.  The owner of the restaurant ran out and yelled at the horses, and was ignored.  A few quick slaps sent the horses on their way,   but not before they ripped open the pack and pulled it over.

After lunch, we continued our steady march up the hill, leaving the tree line way behind us.  As we moved up the valley, the wind really started to pickup and we quickly threw on our windbreakers to stay warm.  The rest of the hike to Peruche included us co-mingling with several yaks and jopkees( large cows ) trains.  If you were not watching where you were going, you could get pushed aside by one of these large creatures.  
After cresting the last hill, we eventually made the final decent to the Himalayan Hotel, our base for the next two days.