08 April 2006, Lobuche...

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Reported Marc Johnson - 47yrs


We woke up to 2 inches of fresh snow sunshine. Jim, Dave and Bill had some lowe GI issues- but nothing that could not be cured with a littl Cipro. Jim decided , however, that he would descend back to Namche at Khumbu Lodge with one of the porters. He will wait for us in the relative comfortof Namche's lower elevation. The rest of us packed up and started climbing - a steep trek side by side several Everest expedition and numerous yak trains.

We stopped to rest a ridge that was covered with memorials to climbers who has lost their lives in these mountains. Finally reached our lodge in Lobuche at 16175 ft- a cozy place that we shared wuth tho other groups. One groua was from England and one was from Japan. Brazillian team set up their tents just below our lodge, Steaming bowls of ramen noodles with mint tea finished the day. Bedtime at 7:30 .....everyone seemed to be fairly healthy and good spirit.