07 April 2006, Dingboche...

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Reported Marc Johnson - 47yrs


Up early 6:00 am, We has a rest day planned at Dingboche. During breakfast we were surprised to see helicopeter sweep around the valley and land just below our lodge. A member of a large Texan-based Everest Expedition was returning home early. Finished BF- various members of our teamwere experiencing some gastro-intestinal problems. We were liberally administering antibiotics,pepto and imodium to most everyone...nevertheless, we left on our acclimitisation hike for the day - climbed 16000 ft. Beautiful sunny day ( abig change from teh snow from day before) and fantastic views. We stayed up on the ridge top for about an hour-saw some small avalanches across the valley. A quick descent followed by hot lunch at the lodge- then we attejnded a clinic regarding how to recognise and treat high altitude sickness. Back at the lodge for dinner, we were joined by three other groups with children- the youngest was six years old. The average age of the dining room must have dropped by 20 yrs From the prior evening when we shared the room with the Texas Everest Expedition.

We went to bed at 8:00 pm.