05 to 06 April 2006, Tengboche...

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Reported by Miles Johnson -15yrs
We woke up in our wine cellar rooms which were about 42°. Paked up our Ledge for the porters and went up to breakfast miles started Experiencing some Khumbu’s Revenge . We Visited the Sherpa Museum which showed a traditional sherpa house & prayer hall . we began our Journey to Tengboche Hugging the Rocky Mountain and one side a 1000 foot drop to a river on the other we dropped down to the and into a pine forest . we ate Lunch right beside a suspension bridge that crossed the raging river before us. Then we had a Lodge Hike up a ridge to Tengboche . After an exhausting two hour climb we arrived at Tengboche at 3.00 Pm . we went into the Monastery and Joined a lot Buddhist Monk prayer service to the tea hours and talked & Had dinner . we went to bed , it was a cold , cloudy night . In the Mooring then we had a special individual ceremony with the Rinpoche / The Head Lama . He blessed us and gave us a red string Heckles for good trek . we liked off the ridge idn to clouds and a little dog followed us for dog . The clods went a way and the sun went a way . and the sun came out . we ate Lunch at samore . The clouds
came in again and it started to snow ! we headed out with Jackets and long Pant at a slow Pace steady pace for a few more hours until we arrived at Tengboche and Everest Expedition group was already at our Lodge and their cook . Ed Vestures Sister-in-law , Had some delicious make and cheese for us to eat . we stayed in the eating area all afternoon . to bed at7:30PM .