02 April 2006, Lukla..

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Reported by Miles Johnson-15yrs.

We wake up to the sound of dogfights and rosters at 4:20. The showers heated up to a good Lukla, warm temperatures, and we packed up our stuff and headed down to the lobby. A great breakfast buffet awaited us in our minds, however it was nonexistent. We said goodbye to the man sleeping behind the counter and climbed into our van and we sped off to the airport and we went through the security checkpoint with all the machines turned off and checked in. We boarded our little twin-engine plane and took off. Nicholas and I sat right behind the cockpit, so we saw all the mountains. As we climbed above the fog and smog oGroup at Lukla airport before start the trek.f Kathmandu, we saw the Himalayas. We zoomed by mountains about one hundred feet from our wingtips. The approach was frightening, how we were diving down into the runway and at the last second, the pilot pulled back and we touched Dow. Our bags however did not make it on the flight, so we camped out the teahouse right next to the runway. About an hour later, we headed out, and we began our trek along the rocky trail. The first yak ham passed us 30 minutes into the reap, and little boys carrying baskets 3 times than size. The scenery is just amazing. Mountain towered over us and we were at 9500 feet. When we passed through little villages and saw lots of cute kids and dog. Beautiful sunny day but clouded up later and a little rain. Nice, delicious lunch. Slept vey well in Monju. The next village past Phakding.