19 April - Fly to Lukla and Trek to Phakding

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April 19, 2015- Fly to Lukla and Trek to Phakding

We awakened early today for a @ 6am meeting  at the hotel Yak and Yeti and all Eleven were packed in a van with gear, and we moved on to Tribhuban airport After an interesting security check 5 team members were whisked off to the helicopter airstrip.The second group waited for about 90 minutes, then got their chance to board the upscale 6  seater helicopters.    

Everyone was in awe with the flight. The pilots were experts at getting us up and around the timber line peaks. Outstanding views of the Himalayan mountains, with a short glimpse of Mt Everest from about 8000 feet. After about 40 minutes, we could see what seemed like a 100 foot landing strip  set in the side of the mountain. We united back up at the airstrip. We had some tea and moved out on the trail led by our fine group of Sherpas.

Our gear was loaded on Dropkos and will escort us upward. We started @9900 feet in Lukla, and moved up and down(mostly down)to our  stopping point Phakding @8500 feet. Had lunch in between the 3 hour hike. 

Everone is doing well but found the trail to be a challenge.An easy daY by our undeclared leader David Carter. After a filling dinner the lightd literally went off and we headed to our sleeping rooms