28th April, 2011- Back to Kathmandu from Lukla

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Happy people at farewell party


28th April, 2011- Back to Kathmandu from Lukla

Today was our last day of the trek, which merely consisted of walking from our tea house in Lukla to the Lukla airport. It was a somewhat emotional farewell of our guides and porters, We received many khattas (light yellow scarves) from our guides/porters. A kind of good blessing farewell gift.

our plane arrives at the uphill Lukla airport

After the very short downhill take-off from Lukla airport we enjoyed the flight between the hills, with the view of snowy mountains in the distance.

at The Garden of Dreams Thamel

In Kathmandu we split up. A couple of us visited some beautiful places like the 'Queens Bath', an oasis consisting of a Temple and a surrounding pool and Garden of Dreams, a restored former private owned garden.
Some of us went shopping for very cheap clothes and souvenirs in the Thamel district, while others were just being lazy in the hotel room.

Pond at the Garden of Dreams

Dancing at farewell party

In the evening we had a farewell dinner together with some Kathmandu Peak Promotion people, amongst them Wongchu Sherpa.  The dinner table/chairs were somewhat unusual and straining for our Swedish legs: the table had very short legs, and the chairs had no legs at all, thus making us almost sit on the floor with the serving personal towering above us. The dinner offered many different Nepalese cuisines and tastes. For entertainment there were Nepalese song and dance performances throughout the evening. In all a very joyful evening.