27th April, 2011- Namche Bazaar to Lukla

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Praying Mani Stone


27th April, 2011- Back to Lukla from Namche Bazaar

The day started eraly with a short trip around the city of Namche before breakfast. They often burn garbage during the night and early morning, and we wanted to get a look at that.
After a good meal we took off to Lukla. We started the walk down down donw, the same way that we walked up up up about a week ago. That hill was a killer then, and even walking down was really tiering. We met the faces of people walking up, and got a pretty clear picture on how we looked when we did the climb.

one of the first posters from the project

The high cable bridge over Khumbu glacier river

But we all made it safe down the hill and over the 60 metre high wire-bridge to cross the Khumbu glacier-river.
We planned to eat in Phak ding, but we had lunch a bit eralier on the track than planned, but still a great meal.
Later on the trip we met a group of young kids and saw them throw garbage on the path. We stoped and picked it up and then tried to explain to the childrend why they should not throw garbage on the path, but rather put it is their pockets til they found a trash-bin. Not shore they got the message entierly, but hopefully we made a small impact ot their way of thingking about garbage.

on the way back to Lukla


We finally arrived Lukla much later than expected. Guess we were pretty tired this last day of hiking, and also hiking up to Lukla. The days afterbasecamp we have been walking down, but since Lukla is uphill from Phak ding, we had no choise.


So we arrived just before the sun took its final glimse ot light away from the path, and only a few minutes after we went inside the hotel the sky opened itself and it started to rain like crazy.

But we were happy inside and out guides and porters had prepared a farewell dinner with local food for us. Fantastic food! So we enjoyed the last evening with our new friends and eventually went to bed. Tired and happy!
Tomorrow we will fly to Katmandu.