26th April, 2011- Back to Namche Bazaar

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Jumping- on the way back to Namche


26th April, 2011- Back to Namche Bazaar

Subabihan! - Today we woke up in Pangboche, the weather was nice so we went for a stroll in the village, saw Yaks/Naks (male/female), who were brought down to the river far under us. Eveningtime they apparently walk home by themselves. In the village there were many terrace plantations- potatoe is common. The little river that runs through the village passes small houses were there are "mani", prayer wheels. The water spinns these as it passes. When the manis are spinning the prayers drifts through the air. 

on the way back to Namche from Pangboche

We had our breakfast in the common room at our lodge, the only room in the hotel that is heaten up. They lit the stoves with yak-poop and gasoline.

Local Kitchen

Our trekk today went once again through rhodedendron forrests, and now on lower altitude they bloom, dramatical views as usual. After spending some days high up were there are no trees or bushes we really enjoyed the forrest at the lower altitude.


During the afternoon we had some rain, but we never lost our "Hope". We arrived in Namche at four o´clock in the afternoon and now we knew we could have a hot shower-happiness!


Taking Rest

Local fire place with yak shit