23rd April, 2011- Everest Base Camp

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Near the Gorakshep


23rd April, 2011Everest Base Camp

Today we had our minds set on the Everest Base Camp. We left Lobuche early in the morning and reached Gorak Shep before lunch. After a long break we continued towards base camp. About 200 m from the lunch place we had to stop to help a man from Singapore. He had a problem with his cave, so we found some treating gel in our bags and we were pleased. Soon after lunch we reached the Khumbu Glacier. What a great power from Mother Nature that was! Like a plow the glacier went through the landscape, creating 20-50 meter walls of gravel and rocks on each side. And we were walking on top of these walls. Struggeling and jumping from rock to rock. It would have been easy if the weather was good. Now we had a mild snowstorm!
But never the less, a very nice walk. Further up we started to walk on the glacier itself, and that was also where the base camp was located. So by nature it gets a new shape every year as the glacier floats downwards.

Niclas at Everest Base Camp

We were expected by some Swedes in base camp, and they had made a big poster with our names to welcome us.

We are welcoming to Everest Base Camp

Peak Promotion's Camp at Everest Base Camp

One of them is aiming for the summit in many as the youngest Swedish ever to summit.
We were pretty tired, but still managed to socialize with our new friends for quite some time.
A few of us had a bit of a problem with the altitude, but there was an always competent person around us.
So now we are off to bed. The tent in 15 minus are waiting!