22nd April, 2011- From Lobuche

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22nd April, 2011From Lobuche

We woke up to the sound of helicopters this morning. Lots of action in the air. People getting sick and they need to be rescued. And there is also a lot of cargo transports for all the expeditions, locals and teahouses.
After a steady breakfast containing of eggs, oatmeal, toast with jam, musli, tea and other goodies we started the hike towards Lobuche. First steep up and then straight forward.

Heading towards to Lobuche

It is strange to get used to look down at flying helicopters. We are walking so high and they are flying down in the valleys. Another odd thing is the temprature. The sun is shining from a claar blue sky, the rocks and the sand feels warm like on a hot summer day, but still it is below zero in the air and the wind is constantly blowing.

Maria and Margareta in memorial site

The entire landscape have changed drastically. No more grass, no trees, no bushes. Only sand, rocks and cliffs.We passed a memorial place were you honour people who deciesed on Mt Everest.
We reached at our restination Lobuche at 4900m in the afternoon and spent time in the teahouse and checking out the surroundings. Always making new friends.


We really notice the altitude now. Headech and other problems. So we need to take care as our wonderful guide Tendi tell us to do!

Now we have had a good dinner, and the common room is warm from the fireplace. It is getting close to bedtime. Almost 21.00!
So good night-Subaratri!

Tomorrow we are off to base camp!!!