21st April, 2011- An acclimatization day

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Group on top of Nagartsang Hill


21st April, 2011An acclimatization day 

Today we had to meet a big challenge! We  had another day for acclimatization, which means that we again were trekking high and will sleep "low". We went 750 height meters straight up to Nagartsan Peak. Considering that we started from about 4300 m, 750 heightmetres is tough. Very tough. At about 5080 m we turned around. But before that, we sat on the Peak, amazed of all the wild and beautiful peaks around us. Ama Dablam is our closest mountain here, so of course we took a good look at that mountain. But we also looked a little extra at Island Peak, where our new found friends from Switzerland are climbing today.

Pelle and other trekkers going up to Nagartsang Hill

We did some more clean up: gathered plastic bottles, garbage, old ropes etc. before it was time to head back down. Then the next challange started: hit the muscle breaks 750 m down from the 5000 m level. Our guides and porters were very alert, if we should happen to take a wrong step with the risk of falling. We were very grateful for that. Back down again, it was time for a late lunch. A group of tired swedes sat, looking at each other and tried to eat. Nothing wrong with the food. It was our energy level and apetite that was missing.  But we got a reference level for our accheivement from one or our porters, when even he said he was a little tired. What we just did was  fantastic!

Ngwang and Margareta looking down to Dingbouche

Tomorrow we are heading for Lobuche, and the day after that we continue to our goal-Everest Base Camp. Until then-Namaste!