20th April, 2011- Tengboche to Dingboche

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20th April, 2011From Dingboche

Mundre Sherpa, our new group member.
Actually not a new member, our guide gave Niclas that as a nicname. Mundre is a nepalese comedian, and apparently Niclas reminded of him.
So now all the porters, the guides and the group members uses the Mundre name for Niclas.

Today when we woke up we had a fantastic panorama view of Mount Everest from our bedroom windows. We took some pictures of course!
After breakfast we took off and our minds were set for Dingboche at 4400m. 

View of Mt. Amadablam

Through the lovley Rhododendron forrest we started to trekk downwards. Then slowly up up and up. During lunch in Sumare we all had a peaceful moment when the restaurant next door started to play some local sherpa music, at the same time as some jaks stood beside and their tails was waving in the wind. It was a moment of nepalese magic! We continued and passed some fantastic trees, the higher we got the fewer of the trees. It was now  replaced by grass, small bushes toghether with rocks and gravel.
Mountain View from our bed room

Do you remember the polish guy we mentioned yesterday? We met him again today. Totally lost. He thought he went for an acclimitization trip with another group, and he was waiting for them to cach up. But the thing is that we met that group as well. Way ahead of him, and they were not acclimatizing. So the story does not tell what happened   to him after we saw him.

Local children looking our camera

After a great trekk we were all set in Dingbotche with some tea in the afternoon sun. Then we went for a stroll in the village. Beautiful local children were playing beside the path. When we got a little bit outside the village we walked by the local garbage dump sight. It was almost as bad as we had imagined. So the Save Everest project is really needed. Now we are back in our charming tea house, where we are joined in the restaurant by 65+ women and men trekking in these altitudes. We are impressed!

Going to Dingboche