19th April, 2011-From Tengboche

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19th April, 2011From Tengboche

Wow, now we really are in the middle of the high peaks of Himalaya. During the morning it was a nice and easy walk, where we stopped to fix some broken garbage bins.

After lunch we headed straight up, about 600 height meters, to a hill. That was tough. And it got worse when we ran into another thunderstorm with hail. But when we got up here to Tengboche (3860 m), there was a warm fire on and we also got some warming tea. When we had changed our not so dry clothes, we went to the Lama Rimpoches Gompa (monastery), where the lamas were meditating. It was really peaceful to hear the meditation and we all could feel the calmness and the holiness of the monastery. Expeditions to the high mountains sometimes get a blessing for good luck here, before climbing. Now we are high enough to see true yaks. They can’t live on the lower altitude; they only can live in the high mountain region.

We also met one dizzy polish guy, who was really lucky to meet our guide Tendi Sherpa. Without his advice, and the help from one of our porters to carry his backpack, we wonder how it would have ended. We hope he plans his trip better next time.


inside of Tangbouche Monastry