1 April, 2011 - Lukla

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Trek from Monjo to Lukla

We wake up early in the morning today 6:00a.m early then we usually do. We talked up the days before we go down for breakfast about how the days of our trip was. Then we had breakfast at 7:30a.m and started at 8:00a.m(our last trip for this time). In the beginning of our walk we saw the people building house and we take photos of them. Today we saw many Yaks carrying loads for the Expedition and also for trekking trips. Today on the way we saw many girls carrying the loads which we didn't see before and also the men were carrying big loads without shoes wearing but instead they were wearing slippers. Even they carry heavy loads they sing a song with smiley face. When Marina went toilet on the way down of 1 lodge then there were Goats near toilet who were knocking. And Marina thought there maybe some person but it was not.

Today we saw many Rododendrone on the way down and also 1 kind of flower which we never seen before. It's like paper up in the tree and it's colour is white. We saw the Cherry tree which was planted by a Japanese man but he don't live there now. And then again we walked looking here and there and finally we came to Lukla. After reaching to our Lodge where we before started to Trek we feel wounderful and here we had very fine and big room with shower. At 6:00p.m we had dinner with Kami Sherpa(porter) and with our Guide. We ate delicious food(Nepalese food).

Today we had finish our trek so we feel a bit serious because we had been a fine family and now we are splitting and also we are happy because we are a bit tired and no more walking. Tommorrow we will fly to Kathmandu.