26th March, 2011- Rest day at Dingboche

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Acclimatization day(Dingboche)

We wake up after the coldest night. It was snow on the window of our room. We wake up many times at night and Carina sat up 3 hours in night looking outside because it was snowing all night. Today we had a acclimatization day so we had breakfast at 7:30 a.m and started hiking up to the hill at 8:00a.m. Before starting to hike we wear many clothes because it was cold. We went to the first hill having flags and looked around. Today was very nice day so we had very beautiful view. We drank water and went up and up slowly looking surroundings and taking photos. We walked up and up and it was different walking today because we had to walk up and up. While walking we had to see where to step our foot because there are many stones and it may roll and can fall down. Then finally we made it up to 5100m and take photo. We spent 10 minutes on the top and return back to Dingboche. Today we had lunch at 1:30 p.m and after that we relaxed at our room. We washed our hair for the first time in this trip. On this trip we had talk with many other foreigners about their trip. Then at 6:30 p.m we had dinner and after dinner we write about our day. Then we will go to sleep and today was also snowing so it may be cold at night but we will have many clothes while sleeping. Anyway we had great day today.