18th March, 2011- Sightseeing around Kathmandu

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Marina and Carina at Kathmandu Airport


Traveling from Stockholm to Kathmadu was ok for us. The first day we had sightseeing around Kathmandu by taking one guide. The places we went for sightseeing are Boudhanath which is Buddhist temple, Pashupatinath which is Hindu temple, Syawambhunath which is buddist temple, etc and the places are interesting to see after the sightseeing we came back to our hotel and went for shopping just tow of us. That time it started to rain and that time we walk and walk a lot and and also we couldn't find the way to our hotel so we take a rickshaw (kind of bicycle)...

So next day on 19th march we went to airport to fly to Lukla for trekking but we couldn't fly because the weather was not good and we return back to Hotel. This day was the Nepalese festival day so we saw people having red colour on their face and also they throwing water to each other. It was fun but people didn't throw water and colour to us. And we again try to fly to Lukla on 20th March.