1st April, 2011 - Gokyo Ri Climb

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Gokyo Ri Hike

What a way to start the day – up at 4 a.m. for the trek up to Gokyo Ri under a star lit sky. It was a hard slog up the 1,870 ft to the top, but we were rewarded by being the first summiteers of the day and the best views of Everest for the trip! An added benefit of getting up early and being the first to the top was finding some hard to come by solitude. Ryan found a perfect chorten to hang the khata he previously from the lama in memory of his father (Edward Zacher) who passed away several years ago – he couldn't have found a better place. This was also the site for the hanging of our final prayer flag. Gokyo Ri definitely turned out to be one of the highlights of the trek!

Once we got down from the Ri, it was a quick breakfast of soggy hash browns and rice pudding (aka rice floating in hot milk) and back on the trail for a peaceful four hour walk (downhill…whew!) to Dhole (13,484 ft) which sadly symbolized the beginning of the end of our trek.