17th March, 2011- Sightseeing in Kathmandu

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flight cancelled due to bad weather of Lukla airport

Ryan and Carisa with Tendi at Kathmandu Airport

The Lukla/Kathmandu weather is not playing nice...we have been unfortunately
grounded in Kathmandu for the past two days. : (

Several hours stuck in the airport waiting for the weather to break was at
first entertaining in its chaos, but has lost its charm after the second
straight day of multiple hours waiting to get out.

On the positive side it has given us time to get know our guide, Tendi
Sherpa and we are quite impressed and happy to have him guiding us.

Pray for sunny skies over Nepal and keep your fingers crossed.


20th March, 2011

Another day and another dollar, or $10, spent in the Kathmandu "Domestic Airport Restaurant"..... Trying to keep spirits high and planning another dinner out to enjoy the local cuisine. Maybe some Roxie to boot! That should do the trick!

Isn't the saying actually fourth time is a charm?