November 02, 2006 - Great day.

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Today Jane, Larry and the guide, Krishna Dhakal leaved Dhulikhel and headed for Pahsupatinath, a biggest pilgrimage site of Hindu religion. They visited near the bank of Bagmati River; there is Cremation place where dead bodies are burn. In Hindu religion it is believe that when people dead, it is necessary to burn their body for the salvation of soul and it is god for environment as well.

After Jane and Larry experienced with Pashupatinath, they visited to Swyambhunath, a Buddhists shrine which is situated on a small hillock. It is also called the monkey temple. There are lots of red monkey. It looks interesting to watch a group of monkeys and their activities playing each others. They had lunch inside the museum in Patan Durbar Square and visited around there.
Jane and Larry visited to the Thamel, a chaotic places for the tourists. They walked around 2 hours and had shopping. They had dinner at Room Doodle Restaurant. It is also called the place for Everest Summiteers. Those who summit Mt. Everest, can have dinner for complementary. Jane and Larry's son, David Carter climbed Everest in 1997. There is a record of Everest Summiteers' club. Jane and Larry were found David's name inside that record book.

It was a great day of full of activities.