6th November, 2010- Bitthakharka- Phaplu

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Bitthakharka- Phaplu

We woke this morning to yet another view of the mountains.  With every passing minute the sun reflected different colors off the snowy peaks.   As a group, we have tried desperately to capture each of these moments in photographs in an attempt to hold tight to all the memories.  The smells, emotions, generosity, the history… all of these are too rich to be reflected in a photograph. 

Sherpa syabru Dance in Bitthakharka
We ate another amazing breakfast, made from local food.  After, a crowd of local woman began to gather.  We are lucky to be trekking during the Diwali Festival.  On this morning, all danced for the Ox Celebration.  We sang along to words we did not know, danced, and traded hats.  The highlight was when an older Nepalese woman put on Paul’s baseball hat backwards and he her fur lined cap.

Another great day of trekking.  Up and down valleys.  Passing through villages with colorful doors, chickens walking next to us, dogs sleeping in the road, yaks and naks eating grass.  I tried to stay in the moment taking in all the sights, but thoughts of the fast-approaching end crept in.  I will miss our guides tremendously.  They have taken amazing care of us all and insured that the entire trip was perfect.  Wong Chu constantly makes sure I have eaten enough, I am warm enough, and I am not getting sick.  He also has an amazing history that I will miss hearing about every night.  Karma has an incredible ability to know what I will like, what I will eat, and what he should get me to eat more of to keep me fit for the treks.  The minute I think I need anything, “poof” -- he is right there.  Mingmar has the same superpower – I slipped one day, not really sure if I ever fell, because Mingmar had me back on my feet before I knew what happened.  I will dearly miss his explosions of joy to the beautiful scenery around us.   I will stop naming all the gentlemen and their amazing attributes.  I feel privileged to have been part ofthisfamily in an amazing journey.

Another tasty dinner made with local foods and now more dancing.  Off to savor the time remaining….
JJ Baumann
Sherpa dancing in Bitthakharka
Dancing in Bitthakharka
JJ Baumann (background Numbur Himal)
passing by sherpa village in Bitthakharka on the way to Phaplu
porters heading to Phaplu
Saturday market in Solu
Dipawali festival dancing in Paplu