5th November, 2010- Chyangba Village to Bitthakharka

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Campsite in Bitthakharka

Chyangba  Village to Bitthakharka

Having converted the Chyangba primary school’s playground into our campsite for the night (school was on holiday), we awoke to the unfamiliar surroundings of buildings and enjoyed the luxuries of running water and electricity.  The latter allowed the Californians in our group to discover the election of Governor Jerry Brown.

Camping in Chyangba
Group with the villagers of Chyangba
After breakfasting and before departing the school we were lucky enough to enjoy the incredible hospitality of the Chyangba community once more with a send-off celebration.  Despite Wongchu’s efforts to keep a low profile, the playground was filled with Chyangba residents, many of whom were the families of the Sherpas on our trek.  Talking and taking pictures with them was great fun.  With katas covering our necks and dried yak cheese in our bellies we descended towards the Sisakhola River.  The Chyangba secondary school, post office, and hydroelectric plant were all centered on the base of the trail.  This meeting point of the four surrounding valleys was identified as the ideal location for a rural healthcare clinic, which, if built would serve approximately 12,000 people.  Crossing the bridge, we fastened our katas to the cables to ensure good luck on our journey.
The local
people of Chyangba offering Khata scarf to group before leaving Chyangba
A short zig-zag north led us to a delicious picnic lunch beside the river in which many of the local children played and watched us with curiosity.  A little tired from the full meal and the hot sun, we continued to tuk-tuk north.  The territory through which we hiked was beautiful.  Picturesque white-washed and blue-trimmed houses dotted the steep hills rising from either side of the river.  We spotted our campsite in Bitthakharka from far away as a few children flew kites above our tents as they herded their cows.  Our site was perched on a terraced plot of fallow farmland with another stunning view — this one overlooking Solu, the capital of the district, and in the shadow of the Numbur and Karyalung peaks.  For half an hour we enjoyed those mountains turn from pink to purple to orange in one of the trip’s most clear and dramatic sunsets.  Fear not, that half-hour was scrupulously documented by our team of photographers.
Ben Kelley
Leaving Chyangba
Hiking through Sisa Khola
Ben at the camp in Bithakharka with Sunset on Number Himal
Sunset view seen from the camp in Bitthakharka