3rd November, 2010- What a SPECTACULAR day!!!

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Pike Peak seen from Lamuje

Pike peak Base camp - Lamuje   

What a SPECTACULAR day!!!
Up to now the high mountains have just been teasing us (a little glimpse here, a little peak there) but today we got the FULL MONTE.
We awoke in a frosted over camp and had some hot tea. The Giants fans among us rejoiced that they had won the World Series.

Before even having breakfast, we started to scramble up 13,000ft. Pikey Peak. As we came over the crest I could have imagined angles singing. There, spread out in front of us, was a crystal clear, awe inspiring view of the mighty Himalaya; from the Annapurna Range in western Nepal, past the Langtang Range north of Kathmandu, the sacred mountain of Gauri Shankar, and Numbur, to the King of them all – Mt. Everest. We were up above the clouds, looking down on the airplanes flying to Lukla below. On the top of the peak, Wongchu and Mingma made an offering of prayer flags at a small stone shrine. To the north we were staring at 4 of the 5 highest points on Earth: Mt Everest (#1), Kanchenjunga (#3), Lhotse (#4), and Makalu (#5). To the south, we could see all the way to India.

pike peak Group reaching to Pike Peak

After our decent back to camp, we ate a hardy brunch. The clouds moved back in and we set off for Lamuje. At first we traversed high dry tundra strewn with little blue flowers. Then we walked through beautiful pristine Rhododenron and pine forests. It was like hiking through a National Park. This is an area that Wongchu is working very hard to promote for trekking and he is very committed to keeping it clean and rubbish free. Several of our guides were put to work, picking up every scrap of trash.

We had lunch near a 1,000 yr old chorten (small stupa) and continued on towards camp. We passed some very long weathered mani walls and encountered and old Sherpani herding her yaks. We must have been the most exciting thing to pass her way for quite some time. She talked and talked to Wongchu, and eagerly posed for pictures every time she spied a camera. I have been struck by how friendly, welcoming, and photogenic the people of Nepal are. We have encountered different ethnic groups, both Buddhist and Hindu. Everywhere we are greeted with a smile and “Namaste.”

Suddenly, we noticed the clouds starting to part. One by one the Himalaya revealed themselves to us once more. The sweeping panorama was magnificent. As the sun set, the valleys turned purple and the mountains, orange. Paul, Mingmar, and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures and ended up rolling in to camp a little tardy.
Tonight’s campsite is on a hillside facing Mt Everest and the peaks to the east. The sky is incredibly clear and starry. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s sunrise!
Mathias Schar,  Lamuje

Mathias on Pike Peak
pike peak Team on the top of Pike Peak
Taking a photo from top of Pike Peak

Sunset view seen from the camp in Lamuje
pike peak
Beautiful sunset view-scene while arriving in Lamuje