1st November, 2010- The Jungle Chicken and Yeti

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Group arriving to Camp at Ngaur

Napkhel – Ngaur : (The Jungle Chicken and Yeti)

The wisdom of Wongchu comes out again.  Last night Wongchu told us that the “jungle chicken” (which he purchased on our hike up the mountain last evening) would be freed and we would have a great trekking day today.  We had rain showers last night and awoke to clouds this AM which quickly burned off to give us an ideal day for a long trek.  The jungle chicken came through!  Then we were off in search of the legendary yeti; the big foot of the Himalayas. .  Rumors surrounded the area of the sighting of a young yeti no more than 5 foot 2 inches tall.  Early in the AM trek up the mountain we thought we spotted the clever creature only to have him disappear for the day.  We reached the peak and it appears the yeti had been following us on our trek.  I hope someone’s pictures captured him in the wild.

The scenery in the valley was nothing short of spectacular.  From tranquil monasteries high atop peaks to the snow capped mountains in the background it was an unbelievable experience; that of a lifetime.  The team is doing well with 6-7 hours of trekking a day.  The quad burns have been replaced by the elevation; now at 11,000 feet.  Our guides though have been special people.   Our chef is the “Soup Nazi” from the old Seifeld show; except he is the nicest person.  Wongchu is a legend.  Carma everpresent.  The others helping is all ways possible.   And there is our little girl now healthy and smiling and accompanying us on our trek towards her home.  Tomorrow is a big day as we approach Pike Peak.

The big question right now though is what happened with the Giants – Rangers game; and for me Randy Moss’s return to New England in the NFL and how Stanford did this weekend.  We are all hopeful and living a dream.  Everyone should do this!  Nepal is a special place with special people.  We are already planning a return in the Spring of 2012.  Until tomorrow….Namaste!

Kelly Murphy

collecting garbage on way to make area clean
hiking up hill through Rododendron forest
Having a lunch
Kelly and the team
Mingmar capturing the beautiful scenic view on video camera