31st October, 2010- Bhandar to Napkhel

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camp at Bhandar

Bhandar to Napkhel

Halloween.  Up here in the mountains, you don’t see many people dressed up as witches or goblins (or even the occasional advisory of Georgetown Day School students all morphed together to form a giant algebra teacher).  You don’t stuff yourself with candy, either, yet trick-or-treating is brought to a whole new level.  The trick is not falling off the mountain, and the treat is the view you get once you arrive at the top in one piece.  And, as usual, the treat far outweighs the trick.  Rivers turned bright turquoise by silt eroded from glaciers border countless marigolds and contrast strikingly against the deep green of the trees.
Apparently, this computer’s battery has to last several more days because there is no electricity here, so I have to cut my description short.  Happy Halloween, everybody!  Save me some candy corn.

Cassidy Paradis
Age 12


Last Down hill from Bhandar before crossing Likhu khola
              Porters heading to camp carring gears
The trails was washed by Land slide (proters are paying attention on difficult section of the trail)
Cassiday and Tracey in the bridge
Begining of up hill flowing Rice field